Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ugg Love

About 5 years ago the U.S. was hit by the ugg epidemic. No matter where I was or what time of year it may have been, they were EVERYWHERE. This trend got to the point that even if I secretly wished I owned a pair, knew it was the time to take a stand and not conform. I was not a catholic school teenager or Australian, where I was guessing they were the norm. So I sat around and silently hated on everyone who wore them and that was that. Enjoy your trend. Take care.

Fast forward to the weekend after Thanksgiving. This was the first winter for me working in the city and I am constantly looking for ways to be cozy and warm. Seriously, my work wardrobe consists of thousands of comfy turtlenecks and warm warm sweaters (which is funny because it is the exact apposite of my night wear, where I choose fashion over warmth). I'm guessing it is not "work appropriate" to wear slippers and fleece sweat suits every day, so I attempt to replicate that in other ways.

I started out in the fall with moccasins, who were neither attractive or cold weather friendly, but they suited me well until it got to the end of November.

It was a hazy dream. I remember sitting in my dad's car, talking to Geraldine on the phone and somewhere from deep within I said, "I'm going to go into "If the Shoe fits (in Redbank) to try on uggs."

Was that really me? What? I was just going to Zebu for coffee and to read the newspaper.

From there, I floated in and tried them on. And ok. I see why all these people wear them.
AMAZING. So warm. So soft. it was like wearing outdoor slippers.

I took a victory lap around the store in my ugg-to-bes and paid immediately, so tempted to wear them out.

I went into Zebu with a huge smile, got my coffee, and raced to the car to change my shoes.
And now I want more. I see girls with ugg boots and what was once ,"I HATE THOSE", has turned into " I want. gimme gimme".

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