Friday, June 6, 2008

The Stalker Edition

Today was pretty much like any other soberly-full night slept morning. Got to the city around 8, early I know, because I had to buy a new phone (wooo, blackberry). I leisurely walked my way through the crowds of tourists in Times Square, passed by the sounds of Chris Brown singing in the Plaza, and treated myself to a flavored coffee.

But today was a little different. I was standing on the corner of 47th and Broadway, waiting for the light to change, and there he was. I haven't really been blown away by some one's beauty in a long time, so I swear, he took me completely off guard.

He was tall and surfer lean. Hot. hot hot hot. He kinda looked like Nate from "Gossip Girl", but the surfer not-so-pretty version. He casually strolled along to work, carrying a large bottle of water and broken in paperback book. So what did I do? Yeah, you guessed it. I followed him and basically lurked behind him for a good block or so.

I know, I know. What was the point of the chase? It wasn't like I was going to say anything. And what did I expect? That he would turn around and be blown away by my beauty and just NEED to know me. Turned out not only was he beautiful, but had a sick personality and awesome sense of humor? Three weeks later, we would be happily in love and planning our wedding?


Just say I did manage to get Beach Nate, it would obviously be a disaster because I'd be so intimidated by his beauty. Everytime we'd get together, I'd be super awkward, clumsy, and never making any sense..... unless I had a cocktail or two. Beach Nate would lose interest because he would not want to date a girl who only wanted to go for drinks and if he could get me to a sober function, it would be pointless because I wouldn't be capable of making a normal or complete sentence.

I swear, what a joke of a life I lead...and I say that it in the best possible way

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