Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Coming Of Age Anthem

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with the sadness of not being in college and having the luxury of no real responsibilities. The times when I thought I had plenty of money, no bills, and had parents who paid for everything I basically needed.

But you know what? I LOVE love the age I'm at right now and being part of the pathetic too-poor to eat-young professionals, who would rather eat a piece of bread and ramen for each meal to save money for cocktails, dinners out, and shopping. Life is just so new and crazy. I look at some of my friends , who make 60k+ a year, getting married and own dogs. It sounds all good, I guess if that's where you want to be. But if that was me, I'd feel ripped off that I didn't get to live that "Oh god I hope I have money for drinks later, I'm only drinking if others are buying" lifestyle.

It would really be so sadly pathetic it was just me or just only you, but it's a whole population of us. I used to live for the mornings that E, Greg (one of our other co-workers) and I would come into work and show off our more pathetic lunch to the next.

The lineup:
E: One piece of bread, slightly molded, with a scrap of cheese, melted
Greg: Mystery rice, topped with cut up hamburger
Kristine: half a bag of lettuce, slightly browning.

Someday when I'm old & gray, I will look back at my young self that:

Had a week that I ate ramen EVERY SINGLE DAY
I stole splenda daily because a box cost out of my budget
That a $25 shirt from H & M is OUT of my price range
That it was a huge debacle when the coffee place across the street raised their price about 10 cents.
E&I walked by a special k bar free give away on the street twice because free is the best. But, didn't ration them, favoring to feast as soon as we got back to the office.

Being poor alone is depressing, but being poor with everyone around you is HILARIOUS

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