Monday, April 14, 2008

Bathroom Horrors (cont'd)

In one ofthe previous blogs, I talked about the disgusting bathroom habits of the women that used to work on the same floor as I did. This was a side-note-email to E after yet another miserable trip to the bathroom:

"Even worse than a loud gross lady breathing heavy in the bathroom is one who makes not ONE peep, but you know they're in there doing something. You realize you obviously interupted...something...and they just sit there, frantically, but quietly willing in their minds, for you to leave, so they can continue. That makes you the one making noises (flushing, pulling toilet paper etc.) and all the while feeling rushed becuase you KNOW someones there and they want u out.

Yup. I hate it Hence yet another reason why I prefer single stall bathrooms."

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