Wednesday, August 27, 2008

KC <3's Caffeine

Don't think I forgot about you carbs! I love you as well! But the difference here is I don't think I could survive without you.

As a silly experiment, I thought it would be interesting to detox from caffeine, wondering if I was actually dependent.

Yes. Yes I am.

I went for about a week without caffeine and noticed my body feeling a bit sluggish. I figured it must be that I was going through withdrawl and would wait it out.

Week two I broke my detox and happily drank a large cup of coffee one hungover morning and I found my heart pounding way too fast and felt almost uncomfortable in my skin. What the? I used to never feel this affect. But then again, my body hasn't not had caffeine in yearrrrs.

I immediately got a flashback of last year, where I was taking in the most amount of caffeine.

Back at my old office, I would be up and down the elevator twice a day re-filling my coffee. Then one day, me, E , and one of our other co-workers Greg decided that it was time to join forces and up the coffee factor. I brought in a coffee maker, someone else brought in a box of splenda and fat free milk, and the other would purchase the french vanilla dunkin donuts coffee.

Because it was there, we way over did it. Pot and pots of coffee were constantly being drank & re-brewed, to the point that I'm sure our other co-workers didn't know what to do with us because we three were bouncing off the walls.

Anyway, when did I give in? WELL, last night I was trying to work on a new literary endeavour and could not keep my eyes open. Seriously, I passed out around 10:30. I woke up this morning and was like, "screw this, back to caffeine"

As soon as I walked into work this morning, grabbed the biggest mug I could find and happily drank myself into a sweet wonderful caffeine induced frenzy. It's good to be back : )

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Allison Gorman said...

Hey Hon! So I just started reading your blog (not I'm not a psyco stalker but you did tell everyone to read it on and you are totally hilarious!! I was actually laughing out loud at work, which is probably not the best thing because they don't like to see me ever have fun. But anyway, how are you? What's new? Besides what I TTYL, Love Ya!