Monday, October 6, 2008

Fool Proof Way For Instant Chuckles:

Run into Richard Simmons! Yes my friends, this picture to our right was pretty much the scene of the crime.
Last Friday, I was walking in Times Square on my way to work in a VERY foul mood. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps it was due to the upcoming slow day at work or maybe because I was tired and didn't feel like going in. Regardless, I was stomping quite a bit and wearing one of my very favorite pouts.
While looking around determining which would be the best path to take, as to avoid random gathered crowds and tourists, I had two routes. Either stampeding myself through a big group in front of ABC's Morning Show or through a mediocre crowd around someone. PSHH. It must be a D-list star who I wouldn't care to see or mind knocking over. At the same time, you know I'm also extremely nosey and needed to see who we were all crowded around. It was none other than Richard Simmons! Dancing! Shaking his hips and waving his jazz hands! And yelling all these incoherent things. It was wonderful and I immediately burst with laughter and smiled and snickered the entire way to work.

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