Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Fit For The Office

Allegedly I NEVER dress appropriately at the office. Sure, I am aware that I dress on the casual side. There are a couple tattoos visible, wore colorful dresses and sandals all summer, and don't care to wear things that will make me miserable all day, but I thought that with an occasional mix of preppy-ness, overall I wasn't that bad.

Um yeah, apparently I have just been delusional.

This morning while rummaging through my "in between the seasons clothes", I came across this short sleeved black sweater with a little bit ruffled white collared short sleeve shirt underneath. I haven't worn it in a very long time. Well obviously. It's been summer. Anyway, I paired it up with a black skirt and black ballerina flats and headed out the door. While walking to work, I realized my poor edgy bob, who is in dire need of a cut, started to flip all over the place, so grabbed a head band out of my bag, and off I went. OK. I get it. Not my everyday style. For example, lets go back to perhaps Tuesday. I wore this wonderful, but odd, dress from Bali (was once my Granny's) with a little brown cardigan and brown boots. Or maybe we can take any old day when I add weird and colorful jewelry to an already overly bright ensemble. Basically, yeah, I guess today is not your typical Kristine. In my own defense, I thought I looked cute. But instead, completely freaked everyone out.

In the day thus far, I have gotten,

"Wow you look so serious. Like you should be serving drinks on a plane".


Next comment was alittle better.

"Omg your so preppy today, I almost didn't recognize you until I saw the tattoo on your neck"

An "aww you look cute today" was thrown in. That's fine.

Then the finale. The most annoying comment made was as follows: "Why are you so dressed up? What? Are you going somewhere", with a look of suspicion.

I replied with, "um I'm not, didn't have anything to wear today."

I don't get it. Rest assure co-workers, I'll be back to being the office mess tomorrow.

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