Monday, January 28, 2008


I work in a pretty small office. It is is so small that you can literally hear what each of my six co-workers are doing and talking about at each moment of the day. Today, the two big bosses are out of the office, so I guess three of us have the luxury to pudder a bit of the time away. I have been doing personal stuff, like getting my bills organized and done, catching up on emails etc. E, as far as I can see, has been doing a bit of work, reading news and blogs, and talking with friends on gchat. And then you got JC who has been, so it sounds like, cleaning her desk, ripping and shredding boxes and papers, and taping things. Not the favorite thing to listen to, hence the conversation today:

E: JC is moving around a lot and its making me nervous. STOP MOVING
me: hahahah ripping and taping ENOUGH
E: I DON'T LIKE THIS! Now she's sweeping?
me: Please unleash. Sweeping?
E: Why can't ppl just sit still?
me: The carpet?
E: I hate when ppl can't stop moving.
me: Dude seriously I hear her too.
E: Now she wrestling with boxes!
me: Enough JC
E: Again with the tape! No more!
me: And kick kick
E: I think I may have to tape her to her chair
me: Dude is she like wrapping xmas presents?
me: Dude seriously? REALLY? WHAT THE HELL
me: ENOUGH JC SIT DOWN OMG tell her to stop please squirt squirt, scissor moving, crinkle, rip, paper bag moved UGH drop, slam omg omg I can't
E: I'M TEARING UP I can't take it
Emily: I may have to go for a walk until she's done
E: Why is she cleaning? Who cares?
me: I just saw u glare! Please, what the HELLwhat is she doing? Scratching a mini chalk board?
me: I know I saw haha
E: sprtiz spritz
me: Shuffle
E: Ha my desk is so dirty
me: Phone downdrop
E: hahaha
me: Silence! She doesn't speak so she's making it up by being god awful loud??

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