Friday, February 8, 2008


So it appears this morning in my lunatic state of mind, I have decided to be super chatty and harrass my friends who sit in offices in front of the computer all day.

Apparently, unlike me, they all aspire to get things accomplished, so it leads me to be super annoying.

Example 1: Nina

Nina is usually on gchat at some point of the day, so she is always up for a re-cap chat about the night earlier. Um. I sign on. No Nina. I wait and wait and then when i couldn't take it anymore, I sent her a desperate text:
Where are you!!
She rolled in around 2:30. Thank god. I actually forgot about the text until:

Nina: ha u didn't included ur text to
me in it
me: oh god i didn't i'll change that right now

And this has nothing to do with anything, but it was funny:

Nina: so totally going to die from lack of sleep and hangover
so in love with brit
i am a lesbian
me: oh god, look at u, going to strip clubs and falling for the ladies,
u really are.

Example 2: Chiarina

surfergrll423 (1:08:40 PM): HEY where ru!
surfergrll423 (1:08:44 PM): please entertain me
surfergrll423 (1:08:45 PM): wah

Example 3:Geraldine

surfergrll423 (1:07:08 PM): wheres the baby
cowbeania (1:26:40 PM): i'm SO tired
surfergrll423 (1:26:48 PM): oh thank god ur back

And now the worst. E. I probably harrass her more than anyone in the world during the day. I'll just give some of the day's highlights

me: hello bleakness my old friend
me: my brain feels like its marinating in vodka
ah my useless brain served in a vodka sauce, topped with an apple demi-glaze mmmm with a side of garlic whipped potatoes tasty tasty

me: oh man DAMNITand ur not talking to me what more important than me?
oh fine i guess ur job
do u want me to come over there and hit u
i will. no problem
i'll throw my santan mug at u
no i meant santa
o no maybe i did mean santan
E: you have a satan mug??i didn't know duane reade sold those

me: i'm writing a blog about how annoying I am
E: HAHAHAwell now, who wants to talk
E: hahah about how annoying you are please call it "KRISTINE! ENOUGH!"

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