Tuesday, April 22, 2008

401(k), yay or nay?

Within the past 2 months, I have quit my job and moved on into a more, how do I describe it? I guess a very classic office setting. I officially feel like I work in a real office. NO offense to the past job. I mean, it was a great starting off place into working in an office setting, which I never did before and met some awesome people. At the new job though, we have not one, but TWO conference rooms, a kitchen, and I work in a cube. Craziness. All I need is to start wearing office appropriate clothing and you could almost call me an adult.

Ha. Right. I wear weird jewerly and have visible tattoos.

Anyyyway, I am making a good 7k more at this job, but once taxes go through, I'm still not making anywhere near the threshold of comfort. And on top of that, you have to consider the money I should be giving up to my 401(k) ---another new office perk--- which when I eventually stop procrastinating and sign up for, will leave pennies in my pocket. I love the idea of being "responsible and thinking of my future". But ugh, who's going to pay for the young me, who wants cocktails and new summer party dresses?

Of course I'll put money away, I have to. And you want to know what really hits me? Seeing senior citizens doing jobs that you wouldn't have done when your were 14 and under-qualified for just about everything. I saw a grandpa-esque man handing out flyers on the street, in the rain just the other day. HELL no.

So where will I be then when I'm 65 and should be enjoying my golden years? Without my 401(k), I'll either be waitressing at a diner or driving around people's neighborhoods in the early morning distributing newpapers. I assume I'd be fired at both jobs immediately for being slow, too feeble minded, and spiteful. The end of my life will be saturated with hate focused on my younger former self who was super selfish and had no desire to save for the senior citizen Kristine.

So yeah, I better get on top of this 401(k) action because no way will I be handing out fliers or waitressing when I should be hanging out with my grandchildren and doing granny yoga.

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