Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Peeves Of Hern

I have nothing to write about today, but am more bored at work than usual. So in attempts to help me blog-storm, Mhern suggested I write one entitled:
"How Many Pet Peeves Can You Run Into During Lunch Break"

So from there, we began to collaborate and here are the top ten ( in no specific order).

1. When people cough without covering their mouths.

2. Those who meander down the sidewalk SLOWLY because they don't need to be back at work any specific time. And your always the one stuck behind them because they sway back and forth, making it impossible to get around.

3. Stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, looking up at nothing in particular, but causing you to walked into them. And typical, they're the ones irritated.

4. Those guys who do bus tours asking if your interested in going for a ride. DO I LOOK LIKE I'M ON VACATION?? Do I look happy and relaxed? no no no no

5. The dudes who stand outside comedy clubs trying to stop you, "hey. like to laugh? Like comedy?" They continue to harrass in the hopes of wearing you down to agree take the tickets off their hands.

6. Flier people in general. Do NOT push a flier in my face. I do NOT want a 5 minute free massage or my eyebrows threaded

7. Mystery drops of water falling from the sky. Please be an air conditioner...please please. Even scarier is when the drops come down in the winter. Lord only knows what they could be.

8. Slow-moving-hand-holding couples.

9. People who walk sooooo slowly because they are blackberrying away. Pshh if you need to make a call or text or email someone, stand to the side. The streets of NYC should be treated like highways. I think there should be policemen walking around giving out fines to the stoppers and the slow.

10. Um having to return to an eerie quiet and dark office when it is a BEAUTIFUL day.

So to sum it up, I don't like anyone or anything that gets in my way, stops me, moves slowly, or could possible cause me to become ill.

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