Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Customer Service DOES NOT mean Customer Servant!

In preperation for my friend Courtney's wedding (which is on Saturday. And yes I am a bridesmaid, my very first time), I decided to go get a manicure & pedicure during my lunch break today. And what a treat it was. I hardly get my nails done, so a nice foot massage and pretty nails is always a wonderful luxury.

So I sat in a magical massage chair, smiling away as the Asian lady massaged my feet, but couldn't help but over hear what was going on to my left. The girl next to me was probably some sort of office worker, based on her trousers & blouse (which is the only place you wear and can actualy describe your attire as a "blouse" and "trousers"), horrible highlighted hair, and a mean look to her. T&B barked to her Russian nail woman, "I want a french manicure, but you MUST cut my nails"!!!!

RNW: (in Russian accent) eeef you vant a fracht manicure, I ghcan not cut your nails. it von't work.

T&B: Well I need them to be cut, they are going over my sandals and making it very uncomfortable to walk. FINE (she said, while shooing the Russian with one hand and typing feverishly on her blackberry with the other), just paint them pink please. I don't have all day.

HORRIFIED. That's all I can say. This got me thinking. Obviously, she had never worked in customer service because if she did, would have known THAT IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE. If you have never been in the position of working in a restaurant, store, or anywhere else where you work for the people, you may think they in fact are your slave, or I guess technically your servant because you are paying them. Well your wrong. Wrong wrong wrong!

Having been a waitress on & off for just about 9 years or so (yup started out at the tender age of 16, serving the masses at the House of Coffee), I have seen it all, ranging from the nicest customers you could ever hope for to the ones that degrade you so lowly that you want to cry and then shove your 10% tip back in their pocket. Seriously, why is it the ones who treat you poorly tip so badly? Oh, because they never worked in the food industry and don't realize you get paid $3 an hour and depend on the tip. AND obviously have no consideration for their fellow human beings.

Phewww I need to take a minute to breath....


There are only a few get of jail free cards for people to be obnoxious.

1) The Russians. While working at Siam Garden (A Thai place I worked at for years & years), we had a huge Russian client base (I know, random). They always barked orders and snapped, demanded things right away. Any other person in the world I would have murdered, but ahh the Russians. They paid in cash & tipped amazingly. As long as you were quick and able to deal with their bullshit, it was always worth it.

2) People who have horrible and strange allergies (nuts and gluten I would say are the worst). These are the types who ask for annoying requests and modifications, but feel so bad, and don't get angry for waiting alittle longer because they want something not on the menu.

3) People who have children. If I was to see children walking through the door, would stop dead in my tracks and beg and plead in my mind that it wasn't my turn in the rotation. But it always was. In which case, it better be at an early time as not to annoy the other guests, the family of children better move along quickly, and NOT make a mess.

How many times have I had to deal with parents who would just shrug and nervously giggle a"oh I'm sorry for the mess".... PICK UP AFTER YOUR CHILD. I am not you OR your child's house keeper. The only way to keep me at peace is to eat quickly, tip normally, and leave promptly.

I'm telling you, if I ever have the opportunity to own a restaurant, there will be a sign in the window that says:

There are NO Booster Seats.
NO Highchairs.
NO Children's menu.
and NO admittance of strollers or children after 6
: ) Thank you and enjoy your meal.

That being said, karma is a bitch. Be nice to your server. They are ones performing a duty for you, whether it be serving your meal, doing your nails, giving the massage, and so on. Kindness goes a long way. I know I put WAY more effort into those who treat me with respect when I'm in my server shoes. And let me tell you, I have seen some horrible things other waiters and waitresses have done to customers when treated poorly.

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PackandScrap said...

Amen! I work in the grocery business and have always wanted to write a book and then get on Oprah and tell the world how rude people can be. Loved your blog:)