Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Shallowness Knows No Bounds....

Morning Email to E:

So I'm walking along Fifth Avenue a day or two ago and happen to be trapped behind a hand-holding couple. The girl was probably a good 5'11 vs. her boyfriend who was a mere 5'5 or so. I then get into a conversation in my head, with myself, about these girls who can actually go through with it and date someone super short.

My first thought was that the girl was obviously so desperate for a man that she'd take just about anything, including the shortest man in the room.

Then I thought of you & A and figured that maybe some of these girls get trapped into the "I met him at a bar, got drunk, hooked up, he was so good in bed and ended up being super cool, so eventually ended up dating and falling in love" The girl basically agrees to sacrifice wearing heels for love.

BUT THEN I thought of my sister, who is not desperate and despite being 40, still gets hit on all the time. In that case, it must mean that she isn't shallow and personality is more important than height & looks.

Hence my reasoning behind why I would NEVER willingly date a short dude. I like wearing heels way too much.

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