Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Edgy Bobs & The Kicking Homeless

A few months ago, my friend Nina mentioned something about this hairsalon school, Bumble & Bumble University, where you can go and get your hair cut for free! She had just gotten her haircut and it turned out great. Obviously, being the super broke girl that I am, jumped at the chance, raced to find their website, and signed up to be notified for their next open call. http://www.bbumodelproject.com/

I never heard back from them, so put the thought out of mind and that was that.

THEN, last week, I got an email informing me that there would be an open call for the "Razor Bob" on Monday 5/19, with refreshments. Whoa, how did they know that I've been itching for a bob and some bangs & free snacks (which didn't look super appetizing, so I opted for a cup of lemonade). It seemed that about 300 other people also loved the idea of a new edgy razor bob, so we all had the joy of waiting on a painfully long line.

It was a very odd mix. The majority were NYC-scenesters with already super-trendy bobishness, who I could only imagine aimed for extreme intensity. Then there were those like me (well not me typically, usually my hair is natural and wavy, but for the occasion and to make it easier for them to see if it would be good for my hair), had shoulder length straight hair. Finally there were those I couldn't quite figure out. I suppose they ignored the fact that a "razor bob" isn't always good for everyone and focused more on the "I MAY GET A FREE A HAIR CUT"!! At least five people that I saw had intense curls. You know, those curls that look painful to brush through. AND you want a bob? Not going to look good girls. Come on. They would sit down & fill out their paper work, happily imagining their crazy-curly bob. Then you could actually see the happy cloud burst when the hair stylist to determine if it would make a good fit replied, "um. your hair is way too curly. I don't think this would make a good look for you, sorry". And then the curlies would get all pouty because not only did they miss out on a free haircut, but also lost out on their lunch break.

Lucky for me, I am razor bob material! Adios low-maintenance haircut! Get ready for edgy KC! Well minus all the hair in my face and the crimps. I just want something cool and little more stylish than what I'm working with now. My hair presently is more beach-waves-ladi-dah-I don't do anything to my hair but let it dry. I'm sure I'll go back to it sooner or later, but for now will be back, itch for something new and fun.

Anyway, I got my appointment (6/27), walked out of the building, and realized- oh god I just took a 2 hour lunch!
Side note: I am completely lost downtown. Once the streets start losing numbers and gaining names, I get all panicky and I'm sure look like a frantic German tourist. So I rushed around like a mad lady (good for me, wearing fun, but not good walking spring sandals) in search of the subway.

Finally I saw it and happily made my way, when all of a sudden I noticed a man in a suit & a weirdo homeless man yelling at each other. Then the homeless man lurched forward and attempted to kick the business man! The BM jerked backwards and waved his arms in circles to shoo the WHM away. They broke it up and the WHM continued his way down the street. Towards me. Oh god. I wobbled awkwardly forward to the farthest corner of the sidewalk, hoping he wouldn't notice or try to harm me.
He looked at me and muttered, "you too bitch"! and threw himself forward to kick me!

I replied -OMG!! Are you kidding!!" and looked around to people to help me, who instead uselessly watched with their mouths open.

Luckily, WHM wasn't into it as much as he was when kicking the BM and only flopped his foot my way, missed and continued back to his shopping cart.

At this point I was shaking and breathing heavy, imagining myself having to go back to work all dirtied up and explaining that I was attacked by a homeless man in the Village.

The things I'll do for a free haircut.

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