Friday, September 26, 2008

Man On Fire!

Tuesday night the game plan was to get back to Hoboken quickly and make dinner for Chia, Jay, & Andrew. MM by the way, dinner was lovely. I should have taken pictures! I made chicken terriyaki, a recipe brought to us by Shape Magazine. While looking around for recipe ideas (I always like to try to make new things), Chia's criteria was basically something tasty, but light. It was great and definitely a dish I'll be making again.

ANYWAY. After work, Andrew & I met up with the plan on going into Hoboken together. While walking along Sixth Avenue, chatting about the day and what not, allegedly a fire ball blew into the air and a hallal-cart-man burst into flames!! I didn't actually see the fire ball, but next thing you know, the man took off down the street on fire and let me tell you, it was unreal. Almost too shocking to do anything shocking. Luckily, other people around were more alert and about ten or so rushed towards the burning man with the shirts off their backs to put him out.

Moments after getting over the shock, one of us commented on why he didn't just stop, drop, & roll. And the other said something along the lines of - oh I know! It's like the first thing you learn in school! I know. Real nice. Later, I thought about it and I'm sure when you're in that kind of panic, set on fire and all, you don't think clearly and just go into shock. OR maybe in his country (perhaps Turkey) stop, drop, & roll wasn't emphasized in the school system like here.

So we stood, jaws dropped, & amazed by the scene taken place. Then we noticed an upside-down gas can, next to the halal cart, slowly beginning to set fire as well!! So we followed our first instincts and power walked the other way, in case the gas can exploded, causing the entire truck to do the same.

Yeah, my karma is just getting better and better. In all fairnessness though, what do either of us know about grease fires and extinguishing them? If anything, we did them a favor by staying out of the way and not creating a panic. No running or trampling over anyone took place. We just got the hell out of the way.

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