Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Act of Gentlemenly Kindness

While leaving the chaos that is the morning rush of Port Authority, it is near impossible to smile or think happy thoughts while being pushed this way and that. How do I paint the scene? Think of total chaos for one small block. Between the Am New York and Metro guys thrusting their arms towards you competing to give away their free newspapers & slow moving tourists overwhelmed to which way to go, you literally have to elbow and push in order to get to the street.

This morning, like any other morning, I was frowning and raging in my mind behind a slow moving sea of Germans. All of a sudden the equally fast moving chick next me stopped short and realized her heel was stuck in one of those subway floor vent things in the middle of the street. As in there was traffic coming. Not fun. The man in front of us stopped and dove down in an extremely non- creepy way to help her get her heal out. He then asked her if she was OK and merrily continued his way to work. Her & I were in awe. We found one of the last gentlemen in the city! Any other business man would have pushed her out of the way and then cursed the situation for making him a minute or two behind schedule.

I inspire to be this wonderful whistling man, well minus the aiding damsels in distress. What inner peace he must have to whistle his way to work via Port Authority.

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