Monday, September 22, 2008

Poor Pick-Up Attempt: Walk From the PATH Edition

Last night I had a wonderful classic date night. Dinner - mm Thai. Movie - "Burn After Reading", which was pretty good. John Malkovich was hilarious, & then a drink and some good conversation. Couldn't have been better. Afterwards, I waited for the stupid PATH and then made my way back to Hoboken. The PATH is OFFICIALLY on the shit list after making me wait an hour plus Saturday night, causing me get home after 5 and then sleeping til 1:30 pm the next day. Yeah yeah I know, it's my own fault for staying out late, but come on! An hour plus! Doesn't the path know people are out and about on Saturday nights desperately trying to get back to Hoboken?!!!

(Sorry about the rant. Anyway...)

So just to show me how much it despises me, again I had to wait a considerable amount of time. When I finally got back to Hoboken, I merrily bopped along, re-playing the night in my head and thinking what a good time I had, when all of a sudden I saw an image walking up towards me. Great. I don't know what it is about me that strangers feel the need to say weird things. Maybe they think I want to do the same, but there he was. Skinny. Had a super shiny face. Looked like he was 18. Wearing tight jeans.

" you.."....

I turned around and he was awkwardly smirking at me.

"Um...yeah, your flip flops are too loud. heh heh. Way too loud".

I looked at him again, rolled my eyes and replied, "Right. Ok. Well good thing I'm turning here then huh?"

And off I went.

It could be either of two things:

(a) As a possible 18 year old, that brand of wasteful conversation works for him when chatting girls up. Bad for him, I was still basking of a night gone well and quite frankly don't need the bullshit dialogue.

(b) He was drunk/and or stoned/whatever and perhaps in the crazy land of his mind, maybe my flip flops were too loud.

Or (c) all of the above.

I'm going with (c)

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